The Bridge Engineering Center works with leading research institutions across the country performing bridge research; however, through the years, three groups have become close partners.

Included here is more information on these groups and their resources.

Iowa Department of Transportation

Office of Bridges and Structures
As part of the Iowa DOT’s Highway Division, this office specializes in the oversight of design policies, standards, and the research and investigation of bridges and structures in Iowa.

Florida International University

Accelerated Bridge Construction–University Transportation Center (ABC–UTC)
Together with Iowa State University and the University of Nevada, Reno, this FIU center was chosen to be a partner in a U.S. DOT Tier I UTC grant in 2016. This opportunity will allow for the development of technology critical to the safety of users of U.S. roadway infrastructure.

Iowa State University

Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
Many of the Bridge Engineering Center’s staff also hold faculty appointments in this department.

Center for Transportation Research and Education
Also housed at the Institute for Transportation, this center boasts world-renowned researchers creating new knowledge and practical tools for transportation professionals in the areas of safety, infrastructure management, and sustainability.