Support of Every Day Counts Four (EDC-4) Initiative

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DTFH6113D00009, TO 0001






Federal Highway Administration

Principal Investigator
Peter Taylor

Director, CP Tech Center

About the research

This project is a task order under the main Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)-sponsored project, “Technical and Support Services for the FHWA Construction Management Team.”

Whether a highway pavement is constructed using concrete or asphalt, the structure will deteriorate over time because of traffic loading and environmental factors. Technologies such as thin overlays, micro surfacing, slurry seals, and chips seals are some pavement preservation treatments applied to asphalt pavements. Technologies such as full depth patching, partial depth patching, dowel bar retrofitting/ cross-stitching, and diamond grinding are some pavement preservation treatments applied to concrete pavements. These treatments can be very effective in extending the performance life of pavements if applied at the right time on the right project with quality construction and materials.

The Every Day Counts Four (EDC-4) Pavement Preservation “How” initiative accelerates the national deployment of underutilized proven technologies and techniques to construct quality pavement preservation treatments with quality materials. This includes the use of sustainable quality materials and methods, construction equipment, and assuring a quality workforce to construct these surface treatments.

The objective of this task order is to assist in the peer-to-peer exchange of lead state and exploring state, to exchange knowledge about how to effectively implement Pavement Preservation “How”. The focus of the exchange will be based upon the concepts, capabilities, and applications of constructing pavement preservation treatments with quality materials for transportation agencies, contractors, consultants, and FHWA staff.

The objectives of the task order are:

  1. Develop and maintain a database of lead states approach, strategies, and strengths for Pavement Preservation “How” for the life of this task order;
  2. Identify the needs and desires of exploring states to learn how to implement Pavement Preservation “How”. Align the exploring agency needs with a lead agency strength. Organize, facilitate, and accompany a peer-to-peer exchange between the two agencies;
  3. Develop tech briefs for each peer-to-peer exchange that contain example guiding documents, specifications, work flows, and lessons learned to help other states adopt quality construction and materials for pavement preservation;
  4. Review and update the current Pavement Preservation Checklist series;
  5. Develop a modernized version of the Pavement Preservation Checklist series to include a smart phone app; and
  6. Produce and embed brief videos demonstrating the key components of each checklist treatment.