Abdalla Alomari


Research Engineer, BEC






InTrans, BEC

About Abdalla

Dr. Abdalla Alomari is housed at the Institute for Transportation, contributing to various research on projects associated with the Bridge Engineering Center (BEC). Dr. Alomari received his master’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Dayton in 2019 and doctorate in structural engineering from Iowa State University in 2023. Following the completion of his PhD, he continued his work at the Bridge Engineering Center as a research engineer. Dr. Alomari has contributed to various bridge-related research projects for numerous federal, state, and local agencies. His current research is in the general area of bridge engineering with a specific interest in accelerated bridge construction (ABC), structural health monitoring and load rating, bridge structure testing, and bridge structure simulation, etc. Dr. Alomari is an author/co-author of many bridge structure related research reports and peer-reviewed journal articles.