Students at the Bridge Engineering Center at Iowa State University
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Approximately a dozen graduate students currently serve as research assistants with the Bridge Engineering Center at Iowa State University.

Students are working on several research projects including the following:

Students Working on Projects

Brian Degen Grad student Brian Degen preparing a prestressed girder fabricated using Ultra High Performance Concrete. The girder will be tested in the laboratory to measure structural performance data for the eventual design of similar bridge girders for the first bridge application in the United States. Project: Evaluation of a Prestressed Concrete Bridge Constructed Using Ultra High-Performance Concrete
Byung Chang Grad student Byung Chang checking the structural health monitoring system installed at a high mast tower field site in northern Iowa. Project: Monitoring Wind-Induced Vibrations/Stresses in a High Mast Lighting Tower
Holly Boomsma Grad student Holly Boomsma (right) performing a load test on a recently constructed bridge as part of the railroad flat car bridges project. Project: Field Testing of Railroad Flat Car Bridges
Derek Hemphill Grad student Derek Hemphill installing fiber optic sensors on a high performance steel bridge on I-235 in Des Moines as part of a structural health monitoring system. Project: Evaluation of a Bridge Constructed Using High Peformance Steel
Justin Doornink Grad student Justin Doornink (right) installing strain gages for a load test on an existing steel girder bridge in Iowa as part of developing a structural health monitoring system for the bridge. Project: Performance Evaluation of Steel Bridges: Phase II

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The Bridge Engineering Center is administered by Iowa State University's Institute for Transportation.

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