Behavior of Longitudinal Glued Laminated Timber Deck Bridges Behavior of Longitudinal Glued Laminated Timber Deck Bridges

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Behavior of Longitudinal Glued Laminated Timber Deck Bridges

timber deck bridge

Glued laminated timber deck bridge


Principal investigators: Terry Wipf, 515-294-6979, (project list)

Co-principal investigators:

Project status


Start date: 05/01/85
End date: 09/01/86


Sponsor(s): Iowa State University Management
Weyerhauser Company

Partner(s): Laminated Concepts, Inc.

About the research

Abstract: In 1977 the Weyerhaeuser Company developed a short span glued laminated timber bridge that does not require any stringers. The bridge consists of glued laminated timber panels approximately 48 in. wide that are placed across the span in the direction of traffic. The panels are connected by stiffener beams that run in a transverse direction to the longitudinal axis of the panels and provide transverse live load distribution within the bridge. Typical maximum span lengths are 40 ft.

This study focused on the structural behavior of deck panels and stiffener beams through laboratory experimental testing of a full scale bridge. In addition, finite element analytical models were developed to further study the bridge behavior. The experimental testing investigated various stiffener beam arrangements, two different connector types, various bridge widths and various truck load configurations. Deflection and strain data were collected.

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