Research Needs Study for Wood Transportation Structures

Research Project


Research Needs Study for Wood Transportation Structures


Principal investigators: Terry Wipf, 515-294-6979, (project list)

Project status


Start date: 06/01/91
End date: 06/01/92


Sponsor(s): Federal Highway Administration
USDA Forest Service

About the research

Abstract: This study was completed in 1993 to identify, describe, and prioritize a list of research needs that served as a basis for developing and funding research including cooperative research with universities and other organizations.

A report was published after completion of the study that entitled "Research Accomplishments for Wood Transportation Structures Based on a National Research Needs Assessment." The report summarized the research accomplishments related to the priorities identified in the research needs study completed in 1993. The research needs and the associated accomplishments in the report are listed in the following areas: Area I: System Development and Design Area II: Lumber Design Properties Area III: Preservatives Area IV: Alternative Transportation System Structures Area V: Inspection and Rehabilitation Area VI: Technology and Information Transfer Area VII: Other Area VIII: Additional Projects

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